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The reasons for using Webphone

Improved corporate image with a free and innovative service

Nearly all companies are putting customers at the center of their organization now. It is necessary to look after them in order to keep them, otherwise they will turn to competitors at a click.

Increase online sales by up to 30%

WebPhone customers value the most its ability to turn undecided visitors into end customers, since they need commercial support.

Reducing the dropout rate web

Immediately contact the customer with an associate, whose sole function is to answer questions and get the sale, which facilitates the conversion.

Cutting navigation to competitors

After clicking, navigation to competitors is immediatelystopped, preventing any comparisons with other products or services that could jeopardize the sale.

Excellent security for advertisers and customers

Phone spam filter by phone number and ip guarantees advertisers that the button is always properly used, it can register any number in a list preventing communication. Many online shoppers still do not feel safe when entering the information regarding their credit card on the web, suspicions disappear in communication with the agent.

Major economic and technological benefits than 90X lines

The excessive cost of 902 lines has generated a bad image among customers;and they are not currently included in any flat rate of telephone companies. This financial abuse is one of the main reasons due to which this decline has emerged. And many companies opt for the advantages of the click to call, regarding premium rate lines. Make customers pay for a service that can be free means loosing them in the long run. Upgrade yourself!

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