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New Technologies: the key to raising the customer experience to the highest level

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The key for a successful business in the recent past lied in offering the optimal products with the highest quality at unbeatable prices. However nowadays, we live in the customer’s era, and they pave the way to be followed by those who want to stay afloat in the market.

The digital society provides consumers with a multitude of purchasing options and increasingly better means and tools to access them. As a result, today’s consumers are more discerning, and their demands when engaging with companies have changed dramatically.

In order to archive this level and differentiate themselves in the global marketplace, companies require not only a deep understanding of the customer but also obtaining the optimal tools to provide tailored, unique and remarkable experiences.

If you are inquisitive to know how technology can optimise your customer service and improve the experience with your customers, please keep on reading!

How to reinvent your company in the customer’s era.

After a 2020 in which customers were forced to stay at home – leading to a remarkable increase in digital consumption- we are now witnessing a turning point for companies as they were obliged to come ahead regarding their digital strategy to stay competitive.

Customers were empowered by the technological innovations. Consumers have access to a wealth of information and have multiple ways of communicating and interacting with brands in real time.

On the other hand, there is no denying that buyers prefer companies from which they get good experiences over those that offer cheaper products or services, so offering positive experiences will help build relationships based on trust and will make the difference in influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Nowadays customers claim immediacy, quality, and convenience. If you stay close and provide an efficient customer service, you will get not only satisfied customers but brand ambassadors.

In order to archive this, you can implement different solutions in your business to obtain excellent result. Let’s see some of them!

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Enhance the shopper experience by inserting technology at your customer service

More and more businesses are opting for the integration of the latest technological advances to improve the effectiveness of their customer service department.

In case you are looking to take the customer experience to the next level, having the proper tools will help you build an efficient and smooth customer journey, capable of delivering a positive and successful experience.

Curious about the process? Let’s take a look at some of the digital tools used to improve both the customer service and the online experience:

#1. Click to call

Nowadays consumers value the immediacy, so traditional contact forms are no longer effective and phone contact is the preferred option for most.

One of the most recommended tools used in the online customer service is the so called “call me button”, as it allows both customers and prospects to contact free of charge and quickly by phone with a sales agent. In addition, the human and close touch that phone calls provide will make customers place their trust in your company.

#2. Videocall

Click to video is the perfect solution for those who have inverted on customer centric strategies for their business; not only because it builds trust and generate closer communications with customers but also because of its potential when it comes to closing sales, especially those which entails complex operations or queries.

In addition to providing differential value, the exchange of visual information facilitates the resolution of issues or queries allowing the agents to shorten the purchasing cycles detecting the opportunities to offer higher products or services in a non-intrusive mode.

#3. Chat online

Live chat is an ideal tool to insert on your website regardless the sector your business is in and is almost essential if you have an ecommerce site.

Live chat solutions allow your customers to communicate or “chat” in real time with an agent of your company who can answer their questions and provide immediate support, while increasing their confidence by guiding them through the buying process.

Optimal chat solutions allow assisted browsing making it easier for your sales agents to share files, screenshare or even facilitate the customer the possibility to switch channels (to video chat or telephone) thus increasing the chances of conversion to sales.

#4. Chatbots

Conversational bots are automated chats able to keep simultaneously multiple interactions, turning them into the perfect tool when it comes to automate the way you communicate with your customers

By Integrating a chatbot you can provide relevant information to your customers, answer their frequent questions, and offer an 24/7 support.

In addition, there are other intelligent conversational solutions such as callbots and virtual assistants that could be effective in other to boost closeness and provide better customers experiences.

#5. Instant messaging

If you are searching how to minimize the possible striking points in your selling process and improve at the same time your customer service, messaging solutions are optimal.

Apps such as Facebook Messenger o Whatsapp Business, allow companies to generate pleasant communication experiences by interacting with customers in different situations and contexts, using channels they find familiar.

On the other hand, communications though messaging channels have an incredible high open rate. In addition, these apps make possible to send written messages and voice notes, emojis, GIFs, pictures, links etc, allowing to have much more fluent, efficient, and close conversations.

You are now updated with some of the available technologies you can use to take your customers to the highest level of satisfaction, attending in real time their doubts and queries.

It is important you bear in mind that regardless of the channel selected by the customer all messages could be turned into selling opportunities you shouldn’t ignore to build new relationships.

Other basic aspects to keep in mind when the CX has to be improved.

Customer service is fundamental in the selling cycle and being able to respond in real time all the customer concerns, and doubts will undoubtedly avoid abandonments and will boost your chances of attracting and converting to sales. If you are looking for tighten the bond with your customers, as well as build trust and create emotional connection with your brand, it is not enough just to “attend your customers”; you must do it in an extraordinary way.

To archive this, you must elaborate a precise profile of your buyers: their tastes, preferences, needs, purchasing habits. Only this way you could foresee their needs, offering them what they are really interested in at the right time.

The use of analytical solutions will allow you to collect and study the relevant information about who your customers are and how they react, helping you create behaviour patterns. In addition, conducting surveys will make you easier to evaluate the satisfaction and the opinion they have about the digital experience offered by your business.

This knowledge will arise the relevant information you need to optimise your strategy, improve the digital experience, and customise your offer according to what consumers want.

On the other hand, make sure your site is perfectly structured and easy to browse.
If customers don’t understand the content, or if they have difficulty finding an item, or ignoring the payment methods, delivery or return conditions ..or if simply the website goes to slow, all these factors could be translated into an unsatisfactory experience and a lost sale.


The difference between a good or bad experience will be a decisive factor in influencing the way customers view your brand, so having the necessary tools to deliver outstanding customer service will be key to achieving engaging and personalised interactions between consumers and your business.

As we have been seeing in this post, the best way to offer exceptional customer service, elevate the customer experience and put yourself at the forefront is undoubtedly through new technologies.

At Webphone we know that offering the best products is no longer enough, that’s why we provide you with the perfect solutions to generate lasting and positive experiences, keeping up with your company and customers’ expectations.

Turn your commitment with the customer experience into a success. Call us!