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Automate relationships with your customers

Expand your chances of success by integrating a chatbot into your business planning


Conversational chatbots for every business and every necessity

Improve the relationship with your customers by designing customized interaction experiences

Boots for generating leads

Qualify, segment and appropriately route your leads, asking the right questions to increase your conversion.

Bots for sales

Boost your sales by simplifying the shopping of your products or services with guided conversations in order to help your customers.

Bots for customer service

Systematize the answers to FAQ, reduce customers service costs and increase their satisfaction.

Learn the advantages of having the Webphone’s Chatbot on your website

Transform your business with innovative technology to help increase your sales, reduce costs and improve your customer’s experience.

Real-time support

Let your customers to get the answers they need without having to wait to be attended by an agent.

Availability 24/7

Offer an agile and effective customer service even when you are out of business hours. Access to a service when you need it and not only on a restricted schedule.

Segment Properly

Filter and conduct conversations based on rules and response conditions, ask your customers the right questions, and get information relevant to your business.

Route your phone calls

Webphone’s phone bot filters and rates your customers before transferring the call to the right operator, allowing your agents to focus on more important tasks.

Optimize your work force

Save resources by reducing the time your agents spend on running calls. The phone bot handles the callings made to your customers based on pre-set business principles.

Customize the service

Deploy a bot with custom conversation scripts on your main channels and media, boost customer engagement, improve your sales processes, and optimize attention.

Frequently asked questions about chatbot

Expand your Webphone virtual assistant information

A Chatbot is a computer program capable of having conversations with your website’s users to clarify their doubts or guide them in searching products and services.

A Callbot is a robot that automatically and personally answers, filters and qualifies calls to your customers.

Both the Chatbot and the Callbot will free your agents from performing repetitive tasks such as, obtaining personal data, solving doubts or scheduling appointments, that will allow them to focus on tasks that do require their mediation and will reduce the waiting times of your call centre.

A Chatbot is always available to serve your customers. When your business is out of hours, the Webphone’s Callbot schedule your customers’ calls and launch them automatically when you are available again, so that your sales team can attend them, without wasting time dialling numbers.

Yes, you can personalize your customers service, designing dialogue scripts adapted to the needs of your company. By asking the right questions, you’ll be able to get key information for your sales agents and speed up sales processes.
In addition is also possible to customize the appearance of the bot to suit your business image or your website design.

Yes, the chatbot will filter and collect the essential data before diverting the conversation to one of your agents always based on your own business principles.

The Webphone ‘s Callbot automatically assigns your calls to the appropriate agent based on the customer’s profile.

Yes, connecting the Chatbot with your regular tools will allow you to use all the information obtained, where needed, to streamline internal processes, to optimize costs or to analyse data in order to improve your planning.

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