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Instant Contact

Serve your customers on the spot and increase your sales with Click to Call


Free and immediate Click to Call services for your customers and profitable and effective for you

Your customers deserve the best care, never stop serving them.
Provide your website visitors an immediate phone contact with your sales department.
Increase your sales by up to 30%.

Instant Calls

Obtain immediate phone contact between your website visitors and your sales department. Reduce dropout rates by allowing your customers to contact you, free of charge and just when they need it.

Scheduled Calls

Connect with your customers when they inform you. Webphone Click to Call automatically launches scheduled calls by your customers, making easier for your sales agents to work.

Out of Office

Obtain more sales opportunities. Webphone Click to Call captures leads 24/7 and schedules automatic callbacks, when it detects that you are out of your business hours.

What is Click to Call?

Click to Call, is a service through which, from a button located on your website, an immediate call is generated between your call center and the telephone number indicated by your customers.
Let them call your business for free and boost your sales.

Agile and simple

You only have to copy and paste a code on your website. In a few minutes and without any investment, you will be able to get a click to call button ready to offer service to your customers.

Reduce timeouts

Webphone click to call supports high volumes of simultaneous calls, so you wont leave any unattended customer and will increase your sales.

Increase the conversion

Cover all company contacts and generate more leads by integrating Webphone click to call on websites, landing pages, Google searches, Facebook, forms, mail, SMS or chatbots.

Globalize your business

Webphone click to call offers you a global coverage in more than 70 countries, so you can serve and show a close image to your customers, wherever they are.

Invest in intelligence

The statistics and call reports provided by Webphone click to call in real time will allow you to track the success rates of your sales team and optimize your decisions without delay.

Improve the efficiency

Webphone click to call has API for developers and powerful Webhooks that will allow you to adapt it into your needs and integrate it with other tools, nimbly and without any interference.

Information and control

Monitor the results of your campaigns and work teams in real time.

Access to statistics and call’s reports, both attended and lost. Copy, export and print, directly from your user panel or simply consult the information thanks to the filters by date, time, duration, origin or country among others.

Email sending reports

Calls history both answered and not answered

Statistics panel

Call recording

Access levels by user role

Integration with analytical tools, CRM and other

Drive new business avenues easily

Allow your customers to switch channels without losing the conversation

Sometimes talking isn’t enough. In those cases where you need to transfer files or share screen to guide the user through the most complex processes, Webphone click to call allows you to do so through a chat or by starting a video call, without leaving the prior conversation.


Frequently asked questions about click to call

Expand your information about the Webphone call button

Click to call is a service that allows your customers to receive a free call from your business just inserting their telephone number, thanks to a button located on your website. This way, through the “call me button”, your company or call center immediately contact the users, which allows to increase the capture of leads and close more sales.

The web user insert their landline or mobile number in a call web button added to your online channel (web, e-mail, e-commerce…) Webphone launches a call to the customer and another to the sales agent linking them straight away so the sales consultant can quickly and effectively solve your client’s doubts.

Webphone Click to Call is adaptable to multiple media. You can insert the call button on web pages, eCommerce, social networks, newsletters, emails, display network, widgets, SMS or QR codes. If you are a developer, you also have at your disposal the Webphone API to make the most of its possibilities.

The great advantage of Click to Call is that allows immediate and direct phone-to-phone contact (not from the computer). Neither your customers nor your agents will need headphones, microphones or software to install.

In addition, Click to Call is free for your customers versus other paid services, and includes more features than toll free numbers.

Totally safe, since the service is from phone to phone. In addition, the Webphone Click to Call has an anti-spam service that allows you to block those numbers from which you don’t want to receive calls.

You don’t need to install anything. The Webphone Click to Call is adaptable and can be used on any type of computer, with any Internet connection and is compatible with the latest versions of browsers. But It is obviously essential to have a telephone line, fixed or mobile, to receive the call.

Webphone’s Click to Call allows you to adapt the widget to your company’s look & feel. You can choose from the models in our previewed widget gallery or upload your own button. In addition, you can also customize messages and even insert different widgets on the same page routed to the same phone number or to different numbers, depending on your preferences and needs.

When Click to Call Webphone detects that you are off schedule, offers the possibility of being called at another time (call schedule) or allows your customers to send their enquiry through a contact form.
In addition, you will receive in your email a report with lost calls and forms sent so that you can properly manage your communications.

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