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It is a lead management platform that centralises, handles and measures communications with your customers across multiple channels.

It is a conversion support tool, as it allows you to offer personalised advice to your customers just when they demand it, improving their satisfaction and increasing your sales.

It is a record of business data, as it collects key information that will help you to manage your business, knowing better your customers to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Webphone is the optimal tool for all those companies that want to increase their online channel’s profit and increase their customers satisfaction.

Help your marketing teams to boost the leads uptake and improve conversion.

Reduce management times and make it easier for your sales agents to work by handing them hot leads and relevant information.

Webphone helps you create tailored experiences to enhance your relationship with your customers, improve brand perception and boost your business.

Webphone walk by your side all along the life cycle of your leads, providing you with the tools and required functionalities so that you can efficiently manage your Customer Journey, identify opportunities in your internal processes and implement solutions to help you sell more and better.

Visit our product pages to learn about everything Webphone can offer to you.

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