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Gain Customer Loyalty and Impact

Make your contacts grow by using Lead Nurturing that turns leads into customers.


Speed up the buying cycle by integrating Lead Nurturing tools into your marketing strategy

Build valuable relationships with your users, sending relevant and personalized information through the most effective channel.


Customize, segment, and make your email marketing actions automatic.

Scheduled calls

Automate call issuance and streamline the work of your sales team.


Communicate with your customers with a reliable, effective and high open rate tool.

Guide your users through the sales funnel, automating your marketing actions

Provide an useful and relevant content to your buyers through an automated strategy and discover new business opportunities.

Keep in touch

CMake sure your customers always feel well- served by maintaining a constant, fluid and personalized communication.

Generate Engagement

Keeping your customers informed about your products or services, will allow you to convert all those contacts that you couldn’t at the beginning.

Spot opportunities

Identify the needs and interests of your customers, segment, personalize and increase your business options.

Shorten the sales process

Give your customers adequate and relevant information about your business to move them through the sales funnel in a quicker and simpler way.

Boost conversion

Easily introduce your users into the funnel, by automatically sending content of their interest.

Get key information

Learn which content attracts your users the most, analyze how they behave when you communicate with them, and get additional information to help you optimize your strategy.

Frequently asked questions about lead nurturing

Expand your Webphone Lead Nurturing information

It is a marketing automation technique that allows to build relevant relationships with your users to shorten sales cycles and convert leads into customers.

The Lead Nurturing, consists of guiding the user through the purchase cycle, by sending personalized, useful and quality content, from the generation of the lead, to the closing of the sale gaining the loyalty of the customer.

The Lead Nurturing will help you mature cold leads to bring them closer to the sale. Automating your marketing actions to keep users interested until they convert, is essential to shorten the purchase cycle, boost sales and reduce the cost of acquisition.

An effective Lead Nurturing generates more ready-to-buy leads at a lower cost, increasing your sales opportunities and improving the ROI. In addition, you will boost your results as cultivated leads engender higher priced purchases.

Thanks to the Lead nurturing, you will obtain very useful information of your users as you will be able to know which content they like the most or those they interact the less. This way you could improve our strategy and segment your DDBB according to your users.

Absolutely, Webphone allows you to automate the lead nurturing process so that you impact your leads through the most appropriate channel at any time (SMS, mail or calls) to increase your sales.

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Measure the return on your investment and optimize your marketing campaigns.


Live Chat

Improve conversion by solving your customers’ questions quickly and efficiently.


Click to Call

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