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Increase satisfaction

Improve communication with your customers with Live Chat and increase your sales


Discover live chat benefits and boost your business

Earn the trust of your customers avoiding any wait and solving the doubts instantly

Increase your sales

Triple your sales opportunity by proactively serve your customers throughout the sales process.

Improve satisfaction

Offer your customers the opportunity of contacting with you whenever they need it.

Boost conversion

Make it easy and help your customers all along the complex hiring process.

Live chat solutions to interact with your customers and create exceptional shopping experiences

The full Webphone Live Chat features will help you to provide your customers the support they need to solve their doubts in the suitable moment


Adapt the appearance of the chat to the look & feel of your website, set messages in different languages or determine the opening hours.

Assisted Shopping

Share the screen and transfer files bidirectionally to guide your users through the most complex processes.


Make your agents job easier by guided conversations which allow you to obtain prior information and refer the customer to the suitable operator.


Send specific messages to offer help at crucial moments such as, abandonment attempts, inactivity situations or payment issues.

Out of office

Make sure you don’t leave customers unattended by offering them the possibility to be contacted at another time when you’re not available.


Access to real-time relevant information, measure the impact on conversions or monitor the activity and response time of your agents.

Let your customers to decide how to contact you

Don’t limit your customer service to a single channel. Webphone also allows you to answer calls or talk face-to-face with your customers via video call, without interrupting the chat conversation.


Frequently asked questions about live chat

Expand your Webphone live chat information

Live chat is a digital tool that allows you to interact with your website visitors in real time via written conversations, allowing you to offer a fast and personalized customer service, optimize management times and increase your sales.

Every time a user accesses your website, a chat window is displayed providing help, so in case the customer needs it, they can start a conversation with an agent who will solve their doubts.

Having a live chat, will make easier to start a conversation with those users who have doubts or run into a problem before they leave the web, increasing your chances of capturing leads and their conversion into sales.

Having a live chat at key points on your website to help your users when it comes to solve doubts or guide them during the most complex processes, will make you increase conversion rates and reduce abandonments. Webphone’s live chat allows, via triggers, to offer customer support only when is needed (inactivity situations or attempting to abandon a cart, for example), this way the purchase process will not be interrupted if it is not necessary.

When your agents initiate a conversation with a customer via live chat, they will be able to suggest products or services that complement the customer’s purchase. Webphone live chat allows you to share files, share screens or even offer the customer the possibility to switch channels, (to video chat, or phone) to launch presentations, open product tabs or make demonstrations in real time, boosting the chances of increasing the shopping cart.

Having a live chat on your site will allow you not only to attend your clients without waiting, but also to reduce management costs and optimize workflows by automating the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

The Webphone live chat detects when you are off schedule and offers your clients the possibility of being contacted at another time by providing a contact form to send an enquiry or request to be called.

You simply need to insert a script into your website to start using Webphone’s live chat. In addition, you can customize the appearance of the chat window to adapt it to the look & feel of your business and receive technical support if necessary, this way you can enjoy all the advantages that Webphone live chat can offer.

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Boost your sales by offering immediate attention to your clients.



Enhance the experience by automating customer service.


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