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Maximizing brand value: The power of Call Tracking for real estate portals

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In the competitive world of the real estate market, distinction is essential. We are talking about a saturated digital landscape, in which the constant search for innovation and efficiency to stand out and strengthen the brand become a priority for those who wish to maintain their position as leaders in the sector.

We will tell you how, in this context, a leading real estate portal in Spain established a strategy with the aim of providing one of the most complete and effective solutions that currently exist on the market, thus demonstrating the value of its platform in terms of quality and number of potential clients provided to real estate agencies.

With this strategic approach, our client was not only looking to stand out in the market, but also to establish itself as a leading brand in all aspects related to the real estate sector and this is where our revolutionary call tracking software came into play.

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Reinforcement of Brand Identity

A strong brand is an invaluable asset, where every interaction with your customers becomes an opportunity to convey your company’s values and vision, from the professionalism of your team to your commitment to excellence. Therefore, for our real estate leader, whose most business is done over the phone, implementing a call tracking solution became one of his main priorities, as he needed to give greater visibility to the leads provided to demonstrate to your clients the value of your platform.

Imagine having the ability to not only list properties, but also deeply understand how users interact with your business. From the first click to the final phone conversation, every interaction is an opportunity to strengthen your brand and stay on top, and in this sense, call tracking helps you by offering you a detailed view of every incoming call, providing you with valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and areas for potential improvement.

In the next paragraphs we will tell you how we help our real estate Portal to make the most of the potential of call tracking in its business strategy.

Boosting Customer Experience

The primary objective of our client is to assist real estate agencies by helping them increase the visibility of their advertisements and facilitating contact with a greater number of potential clients, providing at the same time time a clear vision of the new business opportunities realized through its platform.

Thanks to the incorporation of Webphone in its operational process, this real estate marketplace managed to apply a set of solutions designed to optimize attribution and improve brand perception.

One of these solutions consisted of the configuration and implementation of dedicated numbers, being able to select local numbers from any province, which allow obtaining an independent call tracking ID for each advertisement/agency, which facilitates the review and the attribution of incoming calls.

On the other hand, through the caller ID notification functionality, a brief speech is played that does not interrupt the flow of the call at any time, but thanks to which the advertiser is informed about the origin of this, remembering and thus reinforcing the value of the platform in each contact.

Another feature that is being used is activation of advertisements by SMS or phone call to verify the authenticity of the advertisement and the advertiser (agency or individual), by receiving an SMS or through a call.

We must not forget that advertisers on the platform pay for the service they receive, so providing timely and accurate data is essential for our client. Therefore, in addition to reproducing your brand’s message in each of the answered calls generated through your portal, the sending alerts functionality was configured. Through these alerts, sent by email or SMS, advertising agencies not only obtain proof that each call is related to the real estate marketplace, but every time they miss a call, thanks to the notices received they can proactively interact with the market. potential client, thus avoiding the loss of opportunities.

Finally, within our call tracking software, the analytics and reporting section allows the real estate leader to gain complete, real-time visibility into all phone contacts. generated as a direct result of the advertisements published on its platform. This allows them to evaluate various aspects, such as the number of calls provided to their clients, the number of calls answered and the total number of missed calls, along with other relevant data, essential to quantitatively demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) to agencies that advertise properties on their platform and at the same time improve their service and brand image.

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Achieved goals

As we saw throughout this article, in a highly competitive real estate market, where differentiation is key and maximizing brand value becomes essential, standing out and consolidating as a leader in the sector requires a constant search for innovation and efficiency.

A notable example is that of the leading real estate portal in Spain that we have been talking about, which has demonstrated the excellence of its platform by offering complete and effective solutions for its clients.
This strategic approach had the main objective of quantifying the communications they direct to their clients, while helping them to be more proactive in recovering potential lost opportunities.

The implementation of Webphone’s Smart Call Tracking It was a complete success, and not only did it achieve both objectives, but it also managed to strengthen the brand identity of the real estate portal and enhance the customer experience.

In short, the power of call tracking for real estate portals goes beyond simple call management. It is a comprehensive tool that strengthens brand identity, enhances customer experience and provides key data to continually improve service and business efficiency.

If you are curious to know this or other advanced Webphone, such as call recording or our Speech Analytics solution to transcribe and analyze the content of your telephone conversations, do not hesitate, Call us and start boosting your success!