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Customer Service Law: How to prepare for the entry into force of the new regulations

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The new Customer Service Law that has just been approved in Spain , promises to establish minimum quality parameters, which companies will have to cover, in order to offer consumers personalized, accessible and inclusive attention.

In addition to other aspects, the norm will establish restrictions for the use of automatic response systems, will ensure assistance to individuals in vulnerable situations and will disclose the evaluation of consumers on the quality of the service received, therefore, all those companies that have not yet they had started the path towards excellence in customer experience, now have a golden opportunity to embark on it and stand out from the competition.

But… What exactly does the Customer Service Law regulate and which companies and sectors does it affect?

We tell you all the details!

Who does the new Customer Service Law affect?

As we have been saying, the Plenary Session of Congress recently approved the new regulations, whose objective is to regulate customer service , to improve the consultation and resolution periods for incidents or claims.

The law will enter into force at the beginning of 2024 and will be mandatory compliance, for all those companies that provide basic services of general interest, such as: water supply and distribution and energy, passenger transport, postal services, electronic and telephone communications or financial services. However, it also affects companies made up of more than 250 workers, with a turnover of more than 50 million euros per year or a balance sheet of more than 43 million, regardless of the sector to which they belong.

Failure to comply with the new guidelines by the companies could lead to fines ranging from 150 euros for minor infractions to 100,000 euros for serious or repeat infractions.

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What are the most relevant aspects of the new Customer Service Law?

As consumers, we’ve all experienced a never-ending call for customer service at some point. This means having to listen to repetitive songs over and over again, being transferred from one department to another without results, or trying to report problems that don’t fit the options offered by an IVR. The recently approved Customer Service Law seeks, among other things, to avoid all these inconveniences.

These are the key aspects of the new regulations:

1. Personalized Attention


Consumers will have the right to request to be served by an operator or commercial agent in real time, and, if they express their dissatisfaction with the service received, they will also have the right to request that same communication is transferred to a supervisor, regardless of whether the interaction was initiated through answering machines or robotic systems, therefore, it is prohibited for any company to use the latter as exclusive means for customer service.

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2. Opening hours


The companies that provide basic services will be obliged to deal with incidents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, it is important to note that the customer service numbers in these cases will be free for users and calls cannot be redirected to numbers with an additional cost. For the rest of the companies, the obligation to deal with queries and claims will only apply during their business hours.

Likewise, the telephone channel must be accessible and must be complemented according to the person’s choice, with an alternative written instant messaging system, through mobile devices, or with a system of interpreting in sign language, through video. In this way, effective and accessible communication is guaranteed for vulnerable people or people with disabilities, providing options that fit their specific needs.

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3. Maximum term for resolution of complaints and claims


The maximum period for resolving claims, complaints and queries raised by consumers will be reduced from 30 to 15 days, however, the autonomous regions will have the option of further reducing this period, if their regulations allow it; In addition, filing a claim will prevent the suspension of the service when the cause of the claim and the suspension coincide.

On the other hand, basic service companies such as electricity, water or gas, must inform consumers once they become aware of incidents, that seriously affect the provision of contracted services or their continuity, without the need for the user to expressly request it. In addition, they must provide an estimated time for the restoration of supply within a maximum period of two hours and provide affected users with information on compensation or discounts that are applicable to the bill.

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4. Maximum waiting time


The new Customer Service Law dictates that the maximum waiting time for telephone service, must not exceed three minutes; Likewise, it is prohibited to redirect calls to numbers with an additional cost from a free one.

It is important to bear in mind that when claims are made by phone, they must be recorded by the company, and the company must notify the customer how to access the recording later.

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5. Generation of additional income at the expense of the user


In the same way that the use of special rate numbers is prohibited, the law does not allow companies to use consumer interactions with customer service, to promote or sell products and services, unless they are linked to the problem and represent an improvement for the user in terms of price and quality of service.

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6. Satisfaction evaluation


The legislation obliges companies to establish and document an assessment system of the quality of the service provided; These surveys cannot be carried out prior to the resolution of the incident or query presented by the consumer, in addition, the company will be subject to an annual audit by an accredited company that will be in charge of verifying the accuracy of the measurements. ensuring that the error in each of the measured parameters does not exceed 5% of the real value.

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After examining the most relevant aspects of the recent regulation, it is clear that great importance will be attached to buyers’ rights.

This new legislation poses a significant challenge for companies, which must be prepared to safely face all the changes and adapt to the various needs and requirements strong> of users.

Now that you know the main points of the new regulations, are you interested in knowing how to respect it without harming the performance of your business?

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