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Reinvents the customer
service with Webphone

Interact with your customers on their favorite channels, through innovative assistance software for service, support and sales.


Direct, prioritize and provide multi-channel support

Serve each lead at the right time, directing them to the right contact channel to boost sales.

The best support, just a click away

Offer your customers seamless digital experiences, across all contact channels.

Boost satisfaction

Offer your customers immediate and personalized contact, proactively.

Increase retention

Collaborate with your customers by offering support, to guide them beyond the points of conflict.

Promotes loyalty

Respond to your customers when, how and where they need it, so they keep coming back.


Make conversations with your customers profitable

Boost your business results with an innovative, scalable and flexible technology solution.

Customer Journey

Expand your contact channels and make interactions faster and friendlier, at any stage of your customer journey.

Workforce engagement

Provide your teams with the necessary tools to successfully resolve each contact opportunity.

Data-driven decisions

Access key information in real time, to measure your results and improve decision-making.


Webphone: technological solutions, for more efficient companies

Identify, capture, convert, and scale your results.


Join your customers on their journey

  • Increases lead generation
  • Customize the customer experience
  • Reduce management time
  • Generates more business opportunities
  • Increases conversion to sale


Optimize your marketing efforts

  • Attribute sales and source campaigns
  • Monitor end to end
  • Monitor in real time
  • Access reports and statistics
  • Measure the results of your campaigns

Value added

Get the most out of your resources

  • Adapt Webphone to your needs
  • Synchronize your systems in real time
  • Simplify the work of your agents
  • Route your conversations effectively
  • Optimize the lead management

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Frequently asked questions about multi-channel customer support

Expand your information on the Webphone customer service platform

Webphone is a customer service platform, that centralizes, manages and measures communications with your customers, through multiple channels.

Webphone is the ideal tool, for all those companies that want to increase the profitability of their online channel and increase customer satisfaction.

If you are looking to improve the return on your investment, optimize your marketing strategy, communicate with your customers at the right time, or have relevant information that allows you to make the right decisions in real time , Webphone is your best ally.

Webphone’s customer service platform is an important conversion support tool, because it allows you to offer personalized advice to your customers, just when they ask for it, improving their satisfaction and increasing your sales.

Webphone allows you to automate different actions, so you can invest your time in creating really efficient marketing and sales strategies.

Features such as Smart Call Tracking, will make it easier to track your Leads, helping you to know, which campaigns bring you the best results. Other tools, such as the Chat Bot, allow proper segmentation and routing to the right agent, thus increasing your chances of selling.

Webphone allows you to advise your customers when they need it most, preventing them from abandoning the purchase process.

The immediacy provided by tools such as Click to Call, allows you to offer help and build trust, at points with Weak conversion ratio, therefore, not only will you attend to your customers on the spot to answer their questions, but you will also be able to switch to other channels such as chat or video, without leaving the initial conversation.

Facilitate the work of your sales agents by giving them hot leads and increase the average amount of your sales by providing support in the most complex processes.

Webphone helps you create personalized user experiences, so you can enhance the relationship with your customers, improve brand perception and make your business believe.

The Webphone suite of tools, provides you with optimal solutions to help your marketing and sales teams boost lead capture and improve conversion.

With Webphone you can easily manage all the information of your contacts; the combination of its different functionalities, allows you to collect, store, access, and analyze key information, that you can use to improve decision-making, gain intelligence about your business, get to know your customers better, and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Webphone accompanies you throughout the life cycle of your leads, providing you with the necessary tools and functionalities so that you can efficiently manage your customers’ Customer Journey, identify opportunities in your internal processes and implement solutions that help you sell more and better.

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