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Join the lead management platform that revolutionizes the way to communicate with your customers

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Webphone is the lead management platform that transforms communication with your customers and boosts your sales

Offer personalized advice at the right time, providing a comprehensive voice, video and chat solution and expand your service and sales channels by integrating SMS, mail and instant messaging.

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You connect campaigns, calls and conversions for an effective lead tracking

All your leads info, from the origin to the result of the sale with the call center, without the need of integrations.

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Comprehensive lead management that helps you boost your business

Stand out in Customer Service, improve your strategy and increase your sales

What’s the key to transform visits into customers? To know and to understand

Wephone’s Intelligent tracking will provide you priceless information about your potential customers, from the capture to the closing, helping you optimize your marketing actions in order to boost your sales.

Measure, analyze and detect. Obtain the answers you need to improve

Thanks to Webphone’s Analytics Dashboard, you will have a Global View of your communications outcome. You will have access to dozens of files and graphics that will help you to take decisions and optimize the performance of your marketing and sales departments.

Compiling it’s an important issue, but what if we go further?

Add your own functionalities and adapt Webphone to your needs with our API for developers or use our powerful Webhooks to send information in real-time to other systems or platforms making use of it whenever you need in the tool you choose.

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Do you want your customers to come back again and again?

Make it easy! Give them more than they expect

Improve the experience

You will meet your expectations thanks to the immediacy and ease contact with your customers

Reduce dropouts

Don’t let them go, advise them when they need it most and multiply the profitability of your online channel

Extend the lead lifecycle

Make your investment profitable by generating new opportunities and customer loyalty

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Lead management solutions, designed to make you reach your goals

Webphone Suite Tools, will help you effectively manage interactions with your customers so you can focus on making your marketing efforts profitable.

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Multiple channels for efficient communication with your customers

  • Boost the lead generation
  • Customize your customer’s experience
  • Reduce management time
  • Generate opportunities making lead nurturing
  • Improve conversion and sales results

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