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Boost the conversion

Humanize your customers digital experience thanks to our web videocalling software.


Live videochat is the most effective way to help your customers and boost your sales

Improve your agents service and productivity.

Customer Service

Enhance the experience

Allow your customers to interact with your business in a more humane and closer way. Click to video enhances the user understanding which will let your agents to solve queries as quickly and efficiently as they would do in a store.

Boost customer’s satisfaction

Enhance brand awareness

Stand out from the competition


Increase the conversion

The levels of connection and closeness provided by video calls encourage the generation of trust and security, which are fundamental for the customer during the purchase cycle. Your sales managers can perform live product demonstrations and guide users through the process, shortening even the most complex sales cycles.

Generates engagement

Improves Cross selling and Up selling

Boosts your incomes

Technical Support

Reduce Operational costs

Offer an agile and efficient Technical support and multiply the solved incidents at first contact. Video chat provides a better comprehension between customer and agent as allows to exchange visual information, minimizing this way management times and improving the productivity of your team.

Provides differential value

Increases the rate of FCR

Optimises workflows

Build trusting relationships by offering your users an unique attention and experience

Discover the click to video features designed to help you get more customers.


Adapt the appearance of your video chat to the look & feel of your brand, set up messages in different languages or determine the service’s opening hours.

Plug & play technology

Your click to video button is able to operate on any desktop, mobile device or operating system and browser, without downloads and in just few minutes.

All-in-one solution

A comprehensive video, voice and chat solution that will allow you to switch from one channel to another, in real time and without interrupting the initial conversation with the user.


Get a better understanding of your users’ behavior and monitor your agents’ activity, through the analysis of reports with key information for your business.

Out of office

Offer your customers the possibility to schedule a new contact opportunity, when you are not available, or they cannot attend you.

Intelligent Routing

Filter and rate your visits by guided conversations through bots that allow you to derive the conversation with the most suitable advisor to attend them.

Assisted navigation

Allow your sales agents to transfer images and multimedia files bi-directionally or share screens to guide the user during navigation.


Manage the data of your campaigns in real time and automate the tasks of your operators, integrating Webphone with your usual platforms.

Customize your experience

We provide you with what you need to adapt the operation of the Webphone to your requirements.

API, webhooks, plugins… Make our platform work the way you need it to.


Frequently asked questions about video chat

Expand your information about Webphone video chat

Webphone Live Video, is a comprehensive tool that allows you to escalate a video or chat call, share files and guide your users through assisted navigation, when they need it and without interrupting the initial conversation. With Webphone Live Video you will be able to interact with your web visitors in real time to offer a fast, personalized and highly effective service.

At Webphone we take our responsibilities under the RGPD and European data protection laws very seriously. Ensuring the security and privacy of your data and your clients one is our top priority. Our own servers are located in secure data centres in EU and protected 24 hours a day. In addition, communications between your company and our data center, as well as your phone, video and chat conversations are always transmitted in encrypted form.

It is recommended for all those companies that want to offer an added value in their customer service, regardless of the sector they belong to. The suite of Webphone tools, facilitates communication with customers and prospects, as generates trust, and increases customer satisfaction.

Implementing Webphone click to video on your site is very simple. You only have to copy and paste one line of code to start enjoying the service, without any download or installation. In addition, Webphone video chat is versatile and can be used with any type of computer and Internet connection and is compatible with the latest versions of browsers.

Not at all! The webphone script is optimized for light web load, so it does not affect the performance of the page. Furthermore, our fail-safe infrastructure guarantees optimal service at any moment.

No way! When Webphone detects that you are out of your usual opening hours, it offers your users the possibility to be contacted when they are available or providing a contact form to send their query.

You can also choose other options such as, personalized absence messages or even, hide the button when you need it.

Puedes escoger también otras opciones como, mensajes de ausencia personalizados o incluso, ocultar el botón cuando lo necesites.

Find out what else Webphone offers you

Get to know other products that add value and make Webphone a good decision for your business

Call Tracking

Measure the return on your investment and optimize your marketing campaigns.


Live Chat

Improve conversion by solving your customers’ questions quickly and efficiently.



Enhance the experience by automating customer service.


Click to Call

Boost your sales by offering immediate attention to your clients.